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ALTO MADIDI TREK -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Duration: 15 days

The alto madidi is one of the last remaining unexplored wildernesses in the planet. Uncontacted tribes lie nearby along with thousands of unregistered plant and animal species. This is THE BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD to see wildlife, and the alto madidi trek is the most complete rainforest adventure you will ever find. 

After three days of trekking you arrive to the alto madidi river, where a wooden raft is built. From here the trip becomes easy and more enjoyable, since weight is carried by the rafts. Native-style camping on the beach and an unpolluted river full of fish makes this a truly enjoyable adventure. Our native guides will teach you everything there is to know about the rainforest. The 15 day time span gives plenty of space to do backpack-free hikes through the forest, to learn about plants and to spot wildlife.

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ALTO MADIDI EXPERIENTIAL RETREAT -------------------------------------------------------------------

Duration8 days

There is a lost treasure that has been hidden from hummanity for thousands of years. A treasure so abundant that is enough to make everyone who seeks it happy and wealthy. The call to find this treasure has been recently made, and is there awaiting, in the most biodiverse and virgin corner of the world. This retreat is the opportunity to find that treasure.

To know the most bio-diverse hotspot in Madidi and the Amazon combines with the experience of living in the forest, building a refuge, making crafts, harvesting wild fruits, fishing, deepening into the native magical-spiritual world, doing different physical improvement therapies and shamanic exercises for the expansion of the consciousness.