Wild Products

What can be better than organic? a product that is produced in the wild. 

The Candelaria Madidi Ecológico Reserve protects the most biodiverse ecosystem in the world and thus provides with an incredible wide array of wild products. 

As a way to preserve this forest and produce resources for its inhabitants, we are developing a sustainable wild product harvest project. Here's a list of the products allready available and the ones that will be soon.


Cuchi Concentrates

Potent antiinflamatory, antiulcerous, neuroprotector and antioxidant. Insuperable for bone fractures and internal wounds.

Price: 2 month treatment $99 +shipping


Raw Wild Cacao Paste

Wild Cacao trees produce only half the quantity compared to grown organic trees, but the quality in taste is worth the value. 

Price: 1kg  $59 +shipping

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  • Wild Asaí paste
  • Wild Asaí extra virgin oil (better than olive oil)
  • Wild Motacú Palm oil- good for hair and cosmetic application
  • Evanta medicine - A medicine so potent it can heal malaria and leismanhiasis
  • Cat's Claw- Famous medicine that has many uses
  • More to come!!

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